Some may say that the only constant thing in life is change; well we tend to agree. Taking that in stride, iZone Africa, has, over the years, transformed from being an experiential agency to an integrated marketing agency. With this transformation iZone offers a whole suite of solutions. Creative, event gear, media and event hospitality are the arrows in the quiver. Whatever the solution, we might just be the tuxedo you’re looking for.


During the COVID pandemic, the integrated marketing industry was hit hard, and engaging with consumers face to face was rendered impossible. This led to the world having to rethink the whole idea of interacting with their audiences.

IZone Africa took the challenge; diversified and chiefly integrated their offering to not only cater for the changing environment at the time, but also set it up for when the industry reverts back to norm. With this in mind, the Group significantly reinvented its offering.


Emmerse is the experiential unit of the iZone Africa family. In the same breathe they have gone on a journey of excellence collecting mementoes along the way. Enhancing how consumers experience brands. Staying true to the 2.0 promise, the unit has been going on leaps and bounds. Their offering is epitomized by the projects they have been able to handle.

Magical Kenya Open 2022, FOSFOMAX: The One-Tibiotic product launch. These are just but a few projects they have been able to service. Like a frozen block of water, we strive to be as cool as possible. That’s what we call SERVE-ICE.


What comes to mind when you think of a creative? Cool? Diverse maybe? Unique? Artistic even! In an unforgiving environment, you have to embrace an interesting cocktail of all these.

Having that in mind, Studio 31, the creative hub of the iZone Group, understood the assignment. The unit chose to diversify into various creative business verticals. As such achieving the enviable status of a perfectly blended cocktail. By all means, let’s dive right into these verticals, shall we?

Event Gear

They say if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen. We say stay in there and call Simply Hot. Simply-Hot is the unit of iZone Africa whose mandate is supplying event gear. Taking that into account, Simply-Hot oftentimes works hand in hand with the other business units. Tents and structures, LED Screens, custom booths are just but a few bullets in their impressive magazine.

PS: Reach out now on +254 702 61 74 74 | [email protected] to get the gear that would make your next event simply hot.

Event Hospitality

Our offering includes smart mixology machines, franchise cocktail stores, mobile pop-up cocktail bars for restaurants and bars, as well as special packages for different types/sizes of intimate events. Our goal is to transform the cocktails industry with smart mixology machines that guarantee consistency in the quality of cocktails, manage costs, enhance efficiency and ensure accountability

We‘re doing this through an assortment of Smart Mixology Machines, setting up Premium Cocktail Franchises and Online Stores while at the same time introducing mobile pop-up Cocktail Bars for the events industry.