Using Custom Apps to Engage Customers

The apps industry is becoming increasingly popular in Kenya and around the world. Every year several app development competitions such 88mph and Pivot East take place as app programmers seek to cash in on their expertise. Yet a lot of these apps are not meeting a core need for businesses in the country: the need to connect up close with clients.

Applications that therefore allow businesses to serve their customers with exactly what they want are quickly growing in demand nowadays. What better way to achieve this than by creating a platform where customers can tell a business exactly what they are looking for and what they like about the company’s products. Many firms in Europe and America are utilizing this technology already and reaping the rewards that come with it. These are some of the uses custom apps can have for businesses in Kenya.

Educational entertainment

A key challenge that firms have is communicating their offers without seeming too technical. Through games and fun activities, a custom app can help customers learn about a company’s products in an enjoyable way. It introduces a more engaging way of catching their attention.

Providing product information

Sometimes clients need specific details about a company and lack the patience to ask their customer service representatives. With custom applications such information is made easily accessible to such clients at the touch of a button.

Rewarding customers

To encourage loyalty, businesses can reward customers using custom game applications that allow clients to take fun challenges and win prizes as they shop. This gives them a reason to remember the brand they have purchased in a positive manner.


With the many social media platforms we have today, custom applications make it easier for clients to access the social media presence of any business at one spot. This way they can tell you what they need or desire from you regardless of which social media platform they are using.