The concept of 360-degree marketing has been in existence for a while. Its necessity and popularity keeps growing by the day. As people are getting familiar with this idea, a question beckons; what is 360-degree marketing? Well let’s take a deep dive into it, shall we? This concept describes a marketing campaign that follows a premise of getting your brand seen by your audience through every touch point.

As has been noted, a 360-degree marketing plan can be put across as a marketing campaign that addresses clients through all potential points of contact. For this reason, Forbes describes a 360-marketing plan as “an integrated campaign that uses targeted messages across numerous customer points of contact; what we call their touch points.”

Given these points, 360-Degree marketing involves having a holistic, end-to-end inclusive approach to cultivating your brand and approaching your ideal target market. You’ve probably seen the efficacy of 360-degree marketing initiatives many times without even realizing it. In any case, the fact that you didn’t even see it demonstrates how brilliantly they were executing it.

Here’s an example…

As an illustration, take this scenario; you see a new phone on a poster or billboard. While going about your daily dues, you hear an ad from Company XYZ on the radio. So you decide to go scrolling through your social media pages. An ad for the same phone on your Instagram feed and you receive an SMS on your phone notifying you of the upcoming Black Friday offers. You ultimately receive a discount code via email from company XYZ. This is all you’re thinking about it at that point; so you go to your computer and open the website, which has a landing page created expressly for that campaign.

Following your purchase, you’ll start receiving emails from them with similar phones and accessories that you’d like to have. A well-thought-out 360-degree marketing strategy is simply magic. The organization appears to be everywhere. The more you see their advertisements, the more you want what they have to offer.

On the backend, as a company, a 360-degree marketing campaign entails getting an insight into all aspects of your prospective target audience. From purchase history, social media engagements and process history, you name it. Your company can then use these inferences to select the most effective way to reach their clients. All things considered, it’s critical to set a plan that allows you to increase your chances of finding potential consumers and engaging.

What does this mean for you?

All in all , the greatest method to reach potential customers at the proper time and place is 360-degree marketing. It’s what enables you to reach out to all conceivable points of contact. This boosts the chances of them becoming clients. Your next marketing strategy will undoubtedly succeed if you take a holistic approach like this. Do not hesitate to talk to us about 360 degree marketing; iZone Africa has executed successful marketing campaigns that follow this trend. CLICK HERE to read all about how we brought out the 15 years of freshness for Quickmart as they celebrated their 15 year anniversary with Sherehe Ibambe.