Why integrated marketing?

Did you know that 74% of people who engage with branded marketing experiences are more likely to purchase the products being promoted by the brand?

Here’s why. Integrated marketing helps:

  1. Your brand stand out

In the current digital age, it’s becoming harder and harder each day to put your brand out there as we are all using the same platforms to promote our brand. What we don’t ask ourselves is “What makes the difference between our brand and another brand”? Integrated Marketing can help you distinguish what makes you different because your customers get to experience your brand in various ways, which makes your brand stand out from all other brands.

  1. Capture your target audience attention.

First impressions are everything. In this day and age you have only one shot at capturing your customer’s attention mostly because the concentration span for most people has reduced especially if your brand has no WOW factor. Why not take advantage of integrated marketing then?

  1. Improve Customer engagement

The way to a customer’s heart now is through their emotions. Integrated marketing helps you make your brand excite customers, which leads them to engaging with your brand and eventually having them, share their experience with your brand.

  1. Get people talking about your brand

Integrated marketing also drives word-of-mouth marketing. Consumers often talk about the experience with friends. More importantly, they post on social media. 73% of consumers post photos, and 49% share videos of events, according to a study by Event Marketing Institute. This word of mouth on a digital platform helps create a buzz around your brand and the products you’re promoting at your event.

  1. Excite your target audience

Once you have peoples’ attention, the best way to keep it is with visuals. Social media has raised photos and videos to a whole new level of attractiveness. Images connect with people on an emotional level that words cannot. Human beings are very emotional beings. Plus when you think about it, images easily and quickly communicate information to which customers can relate.

  1. Measure your brands impact

In this digital age this can be easily done using insights from social media platforms now that most consumers share their experience on these platforms. In addition to this, integrated marketing has brought about a mix of different ways to market which simply means that there are also different ways to measure the impact your brand has made during an event.

Interested in ensuring your clients remember your brand for a long time? Feel free to reach out to us here to know what integrated marketing can do for your brand.