Marketing & Tech Disruption in the MICE Industry

The MICE industry has also not been spared by the age disruption where old age-established methods are colliding with innovation and marketing. This has led to many event organizers having to look for different ways to market their events and at the same time engage the attendees during the event.

In today’s MICE industry, the catalyst for transformation is technology and the cultural shifts, which ensure as a result of these technological advancements; the reciprocal relationship between these two aspects is propelling innovation forward. These cultural shifts are seen in consumers’ demand for an ever-increasing use of tech in the MICE industry.

Technology and the expectations of the consumer are revolutionizing to the industry, which makes it even harder to market a brand to them. In an age where 85% of consumers make buying decisions influenced by the brand experience adoption of Technology, the MICE industry is at the forefront of event organizers.

Technology is being implemented in the MICE sector in plenty ways; the whole event booking process for delegates and exhibitors is now online, publishing all details about the event upfront – including costs – to put consumers in control.

Technology is enabling supply and demand to be directly in touch as thanks to this same technology, event organizers are able to market their event and reach a wider target, which means more attendees for them. We are seeing more and more investment in Applications, Digital signage, NFC, Virtual and Augmented reality solutions all aimed at delivery immersive consumer experience and ROI for event organizers, Exhibitors and Sponsors.   

It is an exciting time for the MICE sector because today consumers can enjoy paper less events powered by Applications and NFC where the registration, payment, collaboration, event programs and resources are all a click away. To make things even better, delegates and exhibitors don’t need to worry about the heavy and costly product catalogues that exhibitors & sponsors use to market their brands because digital signage and NFC powered badges are enabling delegates to share contact details as well download exhibitor information. We are seeing use of more adventurous forms of technology to deliver product and enhanced attendee experiences through RFID, Beacons, VR and AR. Technology is also enabling measurement of the MICE sector by using survey applications for feedback and polling.

The industry is beginning to change and progress, but, as we have seen time and time again, disruption of any form, waits for no one to catch up. Technology is ever changing, never static and once an idea takes hold and has the popular support of the general public there is no way to go back, only forward. It is an exciting time, full of potential for the MICE sector but one that requires agility and proactive, rather than reactive, ways of working. Don’t get left out, move with the trends. It’s the only option that you have in this disruptive world that keeps changing before you know it.

At izone Africa, we pioneer how the MICE industry integrates their marketing by using technology, through our bespoke Event+, Survey+, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Digital signage solutions.

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