2018 Emergency Care Symposium with Philips

Emergency Medicine Kenya Foundation (EMKF) is dedicated to maintain the highest standard of care by promoting patients’ safety. EMKF is a non-profit organization that was founded in January 2015 dedicated to the development of emergency care in Kenya through education and research. EMKF has ran several successful initiatives in Kenya including; development of emergency care guidelines and provision of emergency care equipment facilities across the country.

On the 28th and 29th of June 2018, they organized a symposium that brought together over 200 delegates from the medical profession that focused on demystifying emergency care and providing the latest in evidence-based emergency care practices. They targeted doctors, clinical officers, nurses, and EMTs.

Philips had a stand at the event where they displayed some of the solutions they have in terms of evidence-based emergency care practices. They tasked Izone Africa to come up with a booth concept that would be attractive and inviting to those at the expo. This was done through having a branded modular booth with lighting and a wooden floor simulating a road with signs. The stand was very inviting due to the whole road emergency concept setup. This was all well captured and showcased by the iZone Africa team.


Philips continues to grow and keep engaging their customers with each passing event they have and iZone Africa is proud to have partnered with Philips to make this event a success.