Creative Director

reporting to: studio 31 managing director

About the role

To drive the creative strategy of Izone Africa and conceptualize creative solutions that effectively communicate the strategic intent for the organization and its clients.

Responsible for all creative operations including staff supervision and work production in the creative function. Establish and run activities to maintain Izone Africa’s competitiveness as an integrated marketing company. Establish and grow revenue streams for company through development of standards of creative excellence, timeliness, and profitability, while achieving the clients’ goals.

Specific Duties

  1. Overall lead in overseeing creative unit strategy, operations and client projects
  2. Develop, implement Izone Africa group creative strategy
  3. Lead on client satisfaction for creative output including briefs, costing, scheduling, team planning, project allocation
  4. Develop products and budgets for the creative unit
  5. Oversee creative consultations with commercial team to ensure appropriate creative strategies, adequacy/accuracy of input, schedules, budgets, production support, necessary reviews, and client presentations
  6. Support group product development strategy
  7. Ensure timely development and execution of plans, campaigns and projects to ensure earnings, growth and profit goals are achieved
  8. Implement workflow processes for timely, effective and value driven client campaigns
  9. Provide detailed information and cost estimates to assure accurate data on which to plan and develop functional objectives and budgets, leading to stable and profitable accounts.
  10. Possess solid understanding of the science and market dynamics of clients and products.
  11. Ensure creative team is adequately staffed to deliver on creative strategy
  12. Manage performance for the team
  13. Provide leadership, motivation and continually convey the vision and values of Izone Africa to the Creative Team.
  14. Assist in the education and development of the creative team.

Key performance indicators

  1. Create and drive the creative strategy of the firm and assist clients develop their own creative strategy
  2. Champion client relationship in creative design and as an ethos among the creatives
  3. Manage and inspire the creative teams in the business and position them for a high performance culture

Experience and Qualifications

  1. At least 7 years’ experience as a creative and in the conceptualization and delivery of client briefs
  2. Experience in managing creatives
  3. An Arts related degree
  4. Experience in client relationship management
  5. Experience in content writing and creative scripting for written, audio or video production
  6. Proficiency in Microsoft office
  7. Proficient with Infogram, Microsoft Sway, or other digital presentation tools
  8. Proficient with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe Creative, or Adobe Indesign
  9. Experience with filmography tools and concepts, including storyboarding, foley, sound design, editing in Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro X
  10. Ability to
  • Run creative projects from inception to final closure
  • Develop and deliver creative concepts and designs
  • Communicate well both verbally and in writing
  • Mentor, challenge and inspire other creatives
  • Negotiate
  • Solve problems
  • Think strategically
  • Work effectively in teams